GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas APK | Download The Latest Version For Andriod

GTA San Andreas APK is a significant name in the gaming world. The game is based on an action world cultivating the culture of criminal mindsets. No one can deny the importance and thrills of the GTA series released by Rock star games. It’s a fantastic game ever. You can play this with your Pc, Phone and Tab also.

GTA San Andreas APK

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas takes its lead in 2004 as an action and thrill game developed by Rock star north and released by Rock star games. It has a story based sequence.GTA is followed by a sequence called Grand Theft Auto Vice City in 2002. After getting so much fame, it is released in 2004 for play station 2, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox.

The game needs to explore unlimited sources to end the mission. There is the ease of completing the game mission. The GTA San Andreas Apk is a completely free application to download the cheat codes for unlimited access to the various mission resources. The game is difficult. The missions are designed by keeping the original life theme of gangsters who go through illegal ways to get their targets at any cost.

The game is based on the story theme of gangsters and all the missions need to be complete with the measures of task assign to the big gangster boss. The game has a theme of open-world environment that need to explore by the player and communicate with the leisure having focus area on the former gangster name as Carl Johnson “CJ” who has some sort of criminal background.

CJ go through some unexpected journey, he brought back to the community by the death of his mother to explore the long journey of fictional U.S state of San Andreas surrounded by California and Nevada. The graphics of the game is designed to keep the real-life ideology. All the places of Los Angeles are captured and transform int high-resolution graphics such as cities, regions, and landmarks. The graphics are the real exposure of American three big cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

GTA San Andreas takes the experience of real major events held in America during 1992 against the evil drug mafia. The gangbangers, drug mafia, robbers and gang trouble makers are the core idea of the game and catching aspect of the player.

Rockstar Games launched the biggest hit release to the handy mobile device with a vast state to cover enhanced with visual expansion and over 70 hours of gameplay. The game is supported by many languages such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.

Characteristics of GTA San Andreas

The game is enriched with new features that attract the players.

New vehicles include cars, bicycles, trucks with detachable trailers, aircraft, military jet fighters, quad bikes, police motorcycles, combine harvesters and trains. The player must know to swim and climb up and over short walls and fences. All these schemes deeply involved the player to give a blow to the intelligence state of the mind. The camera and other fighting control seamlessly take the game to another edge. Sometimes the player has to drive the car by the shooting with several gang members.

The characters also emphasized the personal growth of the player such as many options of the hair color changes, clothing, and accessories according to the various circumstances and needs of the mission to accomplish. Tattoos and many gang accessories need to be bought by CJ and have a more visual effect on NPC’S reactions. Other gang activities like a club, healthy food from restaurants, and famous shops, dinners, bars, and nightclubs are the essentials of CJ.

Other features in which player need to remain active is self-driving, firearms handling, stamina, and lung capacity are the counter measuring aspects of the game. Home invasion is anew featured in the series of the Vice city.CJ needs to train in gym sectors for a specific mission and need a proper residence to stay. Numerous other attractive elements are part of the San Andreas game.

Adopting healthy activities such as playing basketball, pool,rhythm-based challenges increases the worth of this game. Another good addition is the involvement of AI. This gives an intelligent response to the game player. The Player has not allowed beating the pedestrians without any reason on a busy street. Sometimes the CJ is attacked by other gangs and as a counterpart, the friendly gang came out to shoot against the parties.

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Characteristics of GTA San Andreas Apk

  • Cloud support to run on all your mobile devices.
  • Giving full camera and stick control to the player.
  • The mod has three control systems to provide ease in accessing the various elements of the game. The settings can change according to the player’s choice.
  • Versatile incompatibility with Moga controllers and the technology such as Bluetooth can easily be synchronized while using the game.
  • Integrated with high-resolution graphics.
  • Adjustable graphic settings.
  • Unlimited free gadgets to capture the theme of the mission.
  • Free cheat codes to purchase the clothing and other items.
  • Free weapons to use for shooting.
  • Unlimited hunt to explore the items needs to complete the task.

GTA San Andreas APK

The size matters a lot in GTS San Andreas

The game has a size of about 2GB in total, after installation, this number will increase. So you need to be very specific for the installation. But there is an impressive addition of compressed file that will help to deal with this problem. The file size of the OBB is 200MB, which can easily be handle.

Fact file related to OBB file

  • Works well with the 1.08 version.
  • Well operated with the Andriod version below 7.0.
  • All in the game video will be skipped due to the compressed file version.
  • Before downloading OBB file you need to know about the GPU name with CPU-Z app,
  • Beginners must take care while installing the OBB file. This is not recommended for the beginners during the first walkthrough of the game.

Andriod version support

  • HoneyComb(3.0,3.2.6).
  • Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0,4.0.4).
  • Jelly bean(4.1,4.0.4).
  • Kitkat(4.4,4.4.4,4.4W,4.4w2).
  • Lollipop(5.0,5.11).
  • Andriod Marshmallow(6.0.0,6.0.1).

Instruction to install the GTA San Andreas APK

  • Unlimited everything is making your day enriched with fun and entertainment. It makes to fulfil all the possible needs of your mission.
  • The first thing that you need to do, is turn off the wifi and mobile data. You can enable them after the game starts working.
  • The user must extract the available OBB zip file directly to the storage location in sd cards like sd card/Andriod/obb or copy extracted folder.
  • If the file OBB folder does not exist then you need to create the folder named obb inside the sd card.
  • Ready to initiate the game.
  • Open the app and try to run the instructions to install the game on any android device that has a large storage capacity to hold the obb file.

Facts about San Andreas GTA and GTA San Andreas APK

If you want to play the San Andreas GTA to make more modifications in the game than you need to follow the GTA san Andreas apk mod. The purchasing power makes you tired and creates problems in completing the mission in dead time. The modded version made it easy to win the game. Unlimited access to maps, custom missions, and other variations can help to boot the game with frequent momentum and consistency.

The modded version guide you to upgrade the different elements of the game and you find the exposure of different locations.GTA is a complete action game having capabilities of fully consistent with desktop’s a great fusion of limitless open world and complete freedom of action. This is one of the best-liked parts for the players.

They feel themself to be part of an action game and enjoy the theme of action based missions. Users have taken the role of CJ who decided to move with the unfair fate. The game has a process of seventy-hour shootings, hijackings, and other illegal missions. Travelling in big cities in America is also the attractive soul of the game. The life of CJ is surrounded by weapons, various cars, and other attractive collisions to create the thrill in the game.

The control system of the game is highly well experienced with the touch display. For battle mode, you need to operate the series of action keys and the lower left part of the screen to access the complete control. The driving mode needs to create the skilful interactions of taps and swipe.

An underground mode is focused on the implementation of old 3D era maps. This has a wide range of maps from GTA III, GTA VICE CITY, and GTA San Andreas. Barber stores, vehicle modification, clothing stores, tattoos parlour, safe houses, and other possible elements are available in this mode. The apk mod help to get the free unlimited potential to do the activities without paying a single penny.

You can join the gym, can easily go to a barbershop, tattoos parlour are opened for you, safe houses are available, weapons are free and clothing market gives a kick out blow to you.

San Andreas has crazy facts. The gangs have created their coding signs. They show the sign without speaking and move their hands to make the flow among themselves. The police fight with the people and gangs.GSF members can take your picture to keep in the record. The boss will call the member of the gang.

CJ can reply to the people’s comments. The graphics are designed with the inspiration of the real world so people are shown on the road doing skating. Heatwaves can easily feel on a sunny day. Bloody footprints can easily be seen on the roads.roads.You can see the civilians’ reactions when you point gun on them. You need to swim in a water pool full of fishes. This will give you a chance to explore the sea life.

Paramedics can easily save their lives. Windy effects are the desirable features of the game. You can also shoot the birds. There is great feasibility of camera movement.

The weapons can get by using the app mod. This mod is a great innovation for all the GTA San Andreas lovers who are looking to play for more long time.


Download Gta San Andreas Apk


Other additional Spice

  • Multiplayer options
    The addition of rampages function enhance the game feature. It provides to play multiplayer option to complete the missions. The players will show simultaneously on the screen. They need to stay within proximity of each other.
  • The attractive factor of money
    The factor of money is very important in the game. The addition of new features increases the use of money. Players can spend their cash on gambling, clothes, tattoos, meals, vehicles, gym, and purchasing new weapons. Excessive gambling loss can take the player into debt condition, this will be shown in the high red zone. If CJ will not get success to pay the debt, the gang will badly shoot him.
  • Doing Burglary
    You need to steal a burglary van, CJ can get the chance to stay into residence at night.
  • Car Updations
    The addition of various garages provides a straightway path to deal with the modification of car vehicles. The modification and upgraded versions can make the car fasters and the addition of new elements can help to fulfil the mission tasks quickly.
  • High peak gang wars
    Gangs can take the condition of battles if there three members are badly shooted. The more territory needs by the player, the more money will be generated. The gangs are followed in the streets of Los Angles and other cities. The gang war takes the shape of the big bloody shed with the power of freedom.

Helping Cheat Codes

RewardCheat Code
Armour, Money, and HealthHESOYAM
Infinite AmmoFULL CLIP
Spawn Rhino Tank optionWARTON
Max all vehicle Skill StatsNATURALTALENT
Never wantedAEZAKMI
Free Aim during DrivingOUIQDMW
All Cars Have NitroSPEEDFREAK
Reduced TrafficGHOSTTOWN

Enhance characteristics of GTA San Andreas Apk 

  • Customized Control
    GTA San Andreas Apk helps to settle down the three layouts where you will find the three different controls. You can easily change the settings of the controls.
  • Free of cost
    GTA San Andreas is free of cost. You do not need to pay any money. Just simply download the installer wizard.
  • Focus on upgrading the abilities
    You can easily avail of the chance to upgrade the abilities of your character being a player. Upgrading the characteristic abilities can help you in gaming.
  • Cars Upgradation
    You will find the opportunity to free upgrade the cars to get quick modes in the game.
  • Different things
    You can find the things unlimited without paying any single penny. This is an amazing feature of the mod. This makes the game player a deal by its side zone.
  • Youtube fever
    The game is available on youtube. A huge gathering of the users liked the game features, that are highlighted by Youtube. This medium provides information related to the advanced features and h tricky aspects related to the completion of the game missions.

How to download and install GTA San Andreas APK?


Frequently asked questions

Do you have any question in your mind? We got many questions from our users. We have tried to answer some question asked by our users.

Is this app free to use?
Yes, this app is completely free for use. No need to pay even a single penny to download this app.
Is this safe to use?
Yes, this app is safe for use, You can easily download and play the game.
Is the OBB file is necessary to download?
Yes, the Obb file is important to get the complete features of the game.
Are rooted devices are necessary to download?
No, you don’t need to download any root file or rooted devices.
What are the system requirements?
One should have honeycomb(3.0 and 3.2.6,), Ice cream sandwich(4.0 and 4.0.4), jelly bean(4.1 and 4.3.1), Kitkat(4.4,,4.4 W) and Lollipop(5.0 and 5.11).There must be 4 GB of space for easy installation.
Is the apk mod is safe along with OBB file download?
Yes, the file is completely saved, and no issues of viruses and malware.

End up statement

The player who is curious to explore the action will love the sequence of GTA San Andreas. The addition of Apk mod increases the worth and capability of the game. All the graphics are designed with the intelligence of giving more powerful attention to the real-world theme.

There is a large variety of clothing, weapons,up-gradation modes of vehicles, various beautiful city exposure and many other enhance elements to capture the eye of the user’s. The player enjoyed the theme of the game at so much extant.

The apk mod increases the level of mental strategy to compete with the task and creates the motivation to do a quick decision. The targets are not easy to complete but with the help of apk mod, the player can accomplish the vision of the task more energetically. This mod gives the unlimited potential to prospect the deep learning aspects.

The game San Andreas contains the gang wars, and CJ has to expand the money to get the strength. The money is playing a vital role to highlight the character strategies in moulding the gang missions. If the money is expanded at a high peak, this will results in high debt, which will result in the death of the Cj. GTA San Andreas apk mod has open the doors to get the unlimited money resource.